Welcome to the new tiny.photos!

· Craig Melville

We are incredibly excited to announce today that tiny.photos has been completely re-engineered, re-designed, and re-positioned for long term sustainability.

For the last three years tiny.photos has gone through several iterations(and names) in an effort to make the lives of our users easier. That has always been our goal and always will be, today marks a huge step in sustaining that promise while also bringing a couple of huge upgrades for our users.


Privacy has always been a huge concern here at tiny.photos and from day one we built privacy into our product and we were confident in our privacy safe guards, but there is always room for improvement! So, starting today when you use tiny.photos your photos will never even leave your computer. Your images are not uploaded to our servers at all and we have no means to see or access your photos from our end. That means that hackers or otherwise bad actors also have no access to your photos!

No waiting for uploads

Because of the novel approach we have taken in this new iteration of tiny.photos we no longer need to upload images to our servers to process them, they get processed directly in the browser. That means even when you are on the slowest coffee shop wifi you can process images in just seconds! We are incredibly exited about this improvement and hope you will see an immediate improvement in your workflow.


More than anything this update is about creating a sustainable product that can continue to serve our users for a long time to come without having to impose paywalls or usage limitations. By re-engineering tiny.photos we dramatically reduced our server expenses and will allow us to grow and iterate with a focus on our users rather than trying to find profitability under a mountain of server invoices.

The goal from day one with tiny.photos was to find a way to help anyone and everyone deal with the horrible task of resizing, cropping, compressing, & converting images and do it in a way that could be free to users. As I have already said, today is a huge step in that direction and we could not be more happy to share it with you!